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Looking to buy Allen-Bradley and GE Fanuc PLC parts?

Automation Warehouse has been serving customers since 1997, making Automation Warehouse one of the most trusted and established PLC parts dealers. We specialize in Allen-Bradley PLC and GE Fanuc/GE IP PLC parts, but also have a wide variety of other parts from leading vendors such as Siemens, Horner APG, Mitsubishi, and others. Whatever your PLC needs, Automation Warehouse has the parts for you.

We update our product quantities HOURLY so you rest assured that we have the Allen-Bradley PLC or GE PLC part in stock and ready to ship to you when you need it.

We have thousands of PLC parts in stock and ready to ship. We offer NEW, FACTORY SURPLUS, and REMANUFACTURED pricing for each PLC part, both current and obsolete, and provide pricing for REPAIR SERVICES in case you have a PLC part in need of repair. Our REMANUFACTURED parts come with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY.

We offer GE Series 90-30 PLC, 90-70 PLC, Versamax, and GE Genius parts, as well as Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and ControlLogix parts, and many, many more items!